Why Do People Cut?

When faced with the question of “why do people cut themselves?” there are many reasons that we can come up with from the top of our minds. The most common would be that these individuals may be suffering from a cutting disorder wherein they need to cut themselves to make themselves feel better. Different forms […]

Why Do People Cry?

If you have ever wondered “Why do people cry?” then maybe the question came to mind as sad things were happening to you. Emotional tears are one of three types of tears that human tear ducts can produce. Such tears from the lacrimal apparatus flow as a response to sorrow, physical pain, or distress. Emotional […]

Why Do People Conform?

What is conformity and why do people conform? Conformity is a kind of social influence that entails a change of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs to be perceived as normal in the society or social group. The first answer to the question “why do people conform?” has something to do with normative social influence. A person […]

Why Do People Commit Crimes?

Perhaps, the question “Why do people commit crimes?” has crossed your mind for a fleeting moment. Several reasons can be drawn on why people engage in various crimes. On top of the reasons why people commit crimes is due to poverty. In dire need of money, people tend to steal in order to feed their […]

Why Do People Chew Ice?

Do you ever find yourself craving for an ice cube on a hot summer day? Do you know anyone who chews ice constantly? Why do people chew ice? The question “Why do people chew ice?” is most often associated with iron deficiency anemia, although it can be associated with other nutritional problems too. “Pica” is […]

Why Do People Change?

Why do people change over time? Why do people change their outlook in life at some point of their lives? Why do people change their personality? There are countless reasons that can be said when asked the question “Why do people change?” Some people change for the sake of attaining their goals and dreams in […]

Why Do People Celebrate Christmas?

When you ask people of diverse religions the question “why do people celebrate Christmas?” what do you think their answers are? If the question “why do people celebrate Christmas?” is posed to Christians, their answer will be about Jesus Christ. They traditionally celebrate Christmas because it represents his birthday. Although the actual date of the […]

Why Do People Burp?

“Why do people burp?” That is an excellent question. Some people find themselves asking where the burp came from after an embarrassing moment of burping loudly in the midst of a crowd. Have you ever been in that situation where you can’t seem to control yourself from burping? Have you ever experienced being stared at […]

Why Do People Bully?

Because of incidents where young people who were bullied have killed themselves, many have been asking, why do people bully? A developmental psychologist who studied bullying in particular says that bullying gives the bullies a sense of power and a way to pull a group of bullies closer together and keep someone out of the […]