Why Do People Invest?

Why do people invest? Why do people put money into buying stocks and property? Why do people find it necessary to save money? A responsible person with means should really learn how to invest. It is a way of multiplying your assets and making sure that that are evenly distributed. With the hope that by […]

Why Do People Hunt?

Why do people hunt? Why do some people feel the need to track an animal down then kill it? Hunting has been around since the time of early man. Back then they needed to hunt so they would have food to eat, as well as have clothes to make from animal fur. The people who […]

Why Do People Have Panic Attacks?

Why do people have panic attacks? A panic attack usually starts out as a feeling of extreme discomfort. All of a sudden, for no obvious reason, a person affected with a panic attack feels very afraid. He may experience increased heartbeat, dizziness and chest pain. The attack often lasts for a few minutes but the […]

Why Do People Do Graffiti?

Why do people do graffiti? When you see a wall strewn with this ‘art form’, it kind of makes you wonder how you should classify the people who create it. Graffiti, by definition, is anything that is scrawled, scratched, nicked, written or painted on any available surface for the purpose of, well, easing boredom. Are […]

Why Do People Diet?

Why do people diet? There has never been such a large interest in dieting as there is today. The basic reason why people diet of course, is that they want to lose weight. Statistics show that this generation is generally getting fatter, and growing larger around the waistline year after year. Obesity has reached epidemic […]

Why Do People Die From Swine flu?

With medication as advanced as it is now, why do people die from swine flu? Swine flu is a communicable disease that originated from –where else? – swine. The virus became notorious after people started getting infected with it. Swine flu is a term that covers a number of other influenza infections that preceded it […]

Why Do People Daydream?

Isn’t it good to dream while you sleep? Unfortunately, as any daydreamer knows, dreaming awake is not the same as dreaming while being asleep. For one, you have no control over your dreams. In daydreams however, you have total control of what happens. You are the producer, writer, director and often the star of the […]

Why Do People Date?

Dating is an acceptable form of social interaction that enables a man and a woman to get to know more about each other. There used to be a time before the 20th century when the idea of dating was for the purpose of determining whether a man and a woman were suitable for matrimony. It […]

Why Do People Cuss?

Why is it that some people seem to be cussing all the time? You can hear people pepper their sentences with so much cussing that you stand there wondering if their dictionary is composed mostly of cuss words. Cussing or swearing, or saying profanities are a part of every person’s vocabulary. The only difference is […]

Why Do People Curse?

Whenever a person hears the word curse, one of the images that come to mind is that of a witch or witch doctor chanting spells and predicting dire events for the object of their ire. The offending party is usually clueless about this at first, shrugs it off then a series of mishaps happens, or […]

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