Why Do People Adopt?

Why do people adopt? Adoption as we know it today is a process where adults take on the responsibility of rearing a child. Traditionally done by childless married couples, it is done for the purpose of acquiring a child or children that can be legally considered a part of their family. This is different from the adoption practices in days of old, where the person, usually an adult, was adopted so that political power, religious practices and care for the adoptive elder could be insured.

The modern practice of adopting helps orphaned children find a home where they can be nurtured and cared for. Ideally, the children will also find a new home where the adoptive parents can love them as if they were their own biological son or daughter.

The primary reason why people adopt is to be able to have a child, or children, who can be legally and socially considered their own. Although there are countless stories of adopted children being ostracized because of this status, the idealistic purpose is an emotional need to have a child to call one’s own. This is especially true for couples who are not physically or biologically able to conceive their own. Why do people adopt? For a man and woman who marry and hope to build a family through procreation, the inability to have their own child is sometimes ruinous to a couple’s relationship. Adopting a child can help them make their family complete. Sometimes, doing this saves the couple’s relationship, especially if both the man and the woman agree about wanting to adopt. It is also possible to make the bond between husband and wife stronger as they both embark on a new level within their relationship.

Caring for a child is a natural human urge. It is one of the primary reasons why people adopt. Empathy for a small, helpless child, especially abandoned babies, tugs at the heart of many people to such an extent that even unmarried people hazard to enter into parenting. Whether it is a formal arrangement or not, more and more single people are adopting children. According to statistics and research studies, single adoptive parents are usually women, and more often than not they adopt children who are considered ‘special’.

Children who are not orphans can also be adopted. In some countries, if the biological parent is found incapable of physically, emotionally or financially being able to raise his or her child, the relevant authorities can remove parental authority and place the child, or children, in the care of someone else, even if that person is not a “blood relative”. As people in show business have proven, you can adopt children from different countries for humane reasons. There is no greater reason to say “Why do people adopt?”

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