Why Do People Chew Gum?

It is sometimes irritating, especially if it gets stuck to your hair or favorite pair of pants, but why do people chew gum? What is it about gum that makes it so enjoyable for the people who chew it? You do not even eat it. You chew the flavor out of it and after that it goes to the dump (it should go to the dump and not under chairs, desks and tables. It really should.)

Gum – the chewing kind – is made up of gum base (which used to be chicle and is now made with a synthetic substitute) as well as sugar and corn syrup, plus the flavoring, of course. And despite gum being infused with stuff that is good for your teeth as the newer gums are, it does not seem to have any nutrient value. It also costs governments a huge amount of money to clean it off the streets.

Some people chew gum because it gives their mouth something to do. Some smokers who are trying to wean themselves off smoking have taken to chewing gum so that their compulsion to stick something into their mouth is met. Some have found this method effective but others have not. Dieters have found popping a gum into their mouth sooths away cravings. This is one method that they resort to instead of consuming calorie rich food that they usually have when they feel they want to eat.

But Why do people chew gum if it does not work that well? This only works if you are not an emotional eater, meaning that your emotions tell you to eat when you are sad, happy or frustrated. At the very least, it helps keep their mouth busy. The downside is that after they have burped the air they have ingested as they chew gum, they go back to feeling hungry and may end up eating more to make up the lack if they are not careful.

Aside from bored people, dieters, smokers, or children can benefit from chewing on gum. Although the tests were sponsored by a gum company, it reported that children who had gum while studying math, performed better than those who did not. Even if masticating gum is advantageous, for parents it would be wise to watch if their children are chewing too much of the stuff. The amount of sugar adds up if a child takes several sticks a day. Opting for sugar-free gum is advisable. People do not need to abstain from gum because it also helps a lot in keeping dental caries away due to the production of saliva which helps keep teeth healthy. Who would have thought that? So if someone asks why do people chew gum, you can tell them any of the reasons mentioned above.



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