Why Do People Commit Crimes?

Perhaps, the question “Why do people commit crimes?” has crossed your mind for a fleeting moment. Several reasons can be drawn on why people engage in various crimes.

On top of the reasons why people commit crimes is due to poverty. In dire need of money, people tend to steal in order to feed their hungry families. The likelihood of a one’s stealing depends on the degree of need to satisfy one’s wants. A well-off man may choose to steal just out of greed as opposed to a homeless man who desperately needs to feed his family.

Another reason that can be elicited from the question “Why do people commit crimes?” is because of peer pressure. Teenagers are most likely to succumb to pressures from peers, with the desire to be part of a group. Some adolescents are left with no choice but to allow their friends to influence them to commit minor or major offenses against society. Some young adults resort to various juvenile crimes, like vandalism, drug possession, assault, and theft.

Some people commit offenses or crimes to make “easy” money. They get involved in drug syndicates, prostitution, or robbery. Some people feel an adrenaline rush when committing a serious offense. Revenge could also be a motivating factor to make someone commit various offenses.

With the unceasing crime cases, you can’t help but ask “why do people commit crimes?” A proven fact of science revealed that injuries in certain parts of the brain can lead to a person’s impaired judgment and aggression. A study conducted on the brains of convicted serial killers revealed that damage has been sustained due to malnutrition, maltreatment, or abuse.

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Why do people commit crimes when they know they’re going to end up in jail? It is a daunting thought that people still commit offenses when they know that they will get a permanent criminal record for it.

Going to prison may not have crossed the minds of some of these offenders, or they simply just did not think of the consequences of their actions. Some of the gang cultures consider going to prison as a badge of honor. For some offenders, going to prison is a way of survival, as you are provided with regular meals, a proper place to sleep, and even education to help you get a job after serving term in jail.

Whatever the motivation behind a crime, a criminal act will always be a matter of choice. Environmental factors may influence one’s behavior, but ultimately, it depends on the choice that one will make.

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