Why Do People Drink And Drive?

Why do people drink and drive? There are a variety of reasons that can be drawn for this kind of behavior.

The need to be accepted is one of the reasons cited on “why do people drink and drive?” A majority of the drinking population would say that they drink for social reasons. A person, who terribly needs to belong to a group, would likely join a set of friends on a drinking spree, simply to be social. This is very common among high school and college students. This habit can continue when they are surrounded with fellow drinkers as they become adults.

Why do people drink and drive?” is a question that almost all alcoholics can answer easily. Most alcoholics, once drunk, are unable to control their actions. Even at the state of intoxication, they would still drive their cars. To date, there are still a lot of alcohol related road incidents recorded. It certainly is a scary thought that you might be caught up in a hellish situation with an irrationally drunk driver.

Some people drink and drive due to stress or depression. For some, it is simply a habit, which sometimes could develop into an addiction. Alcoholic beverage, when taken in moderation, is not necessarily bad, but if taken consistently and in large proportions will lead to alcoholism.

Part of the problem is that drunk drivers deem that they are resistant and immune to the effects of alcohol. Some of the heavy drinkers have been driving in the past without being caught by a police officer or an accident, which encourages them to continue the habit. The potential problem of someone who is driving under the influence of alcohol is that their body’s reflex mechanism becomes slower and inattentive. Thus, someone, who is intoxicated while driving, is potentially hazardous.

Some people drink and drive because they are simply unaware of the harmful consequences. Some people, especially first time drinkers, just don’t know the legal drinking limits. Others resort to this kind of behavior when they in the middle of a personal problem. For some, after a party, they find it hard to resist the urge to drink one or more shots before leaving. While this gives the impression that it is “cool”, it can actually lead to fatal accidents.

It is relevant to know the reasons behind “Why do people drink and drive?” as these can help you keep yourself safe. Knowing the causes of why people drive while inebriated will not just enlighten your minds, it will let you foresee the dangers that might happen to someone who does it.

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