Why Do People Exercise?

We all know that exercise is a huge deal. Exercise equipment and paraphernalia are always on advertisements, especially after the long holidays when people have over-indulged themselves and want to exercise the extra pounds away. But is this the only reason why people exercise? Is it just to be able to lose weight? Exercise is a physical activity meant to make the body develop stamina and better resistance. It consists of aerobic and anaerobic activities that will raise the heart rate or condition muscles in preparation for a sport or strenuous activity. People who exercise regularly are deemed to be in good physical health. Exercising is actually enjoyable for a number of people, not only for the cardiovascular benefits but also for the opportunities for socialization. There are gyms, exercise clubs and programs that are open to specific groups such as ladies, youths, or seniors.

Exercise, when done with a group, is enjoyable because it is sometimes more fun. The dynamic interaction in a group setting makes exercising rather fun and less of something that needs to be endured. That is why exercise programs with seniors always have a good number of members because they enjoy being around other people and have someone to talk to. Rather than staying at home and moping, they get the double benefit of having something to do and occupy their time while also having much appreciated company. Besides, for elderly people who are starting to feel the effects of rheumatism or gout, keeping the joints moving is a good way of keeping off the swelling around the joints. Why do people exercise other than having fun with a group? Rehabilitation medicine requires exercise to make a person’s recovery complete. Victims who have undergone surgery after an accident need to exercise so that their affected limbs will recover quicker, especially if they have been immobilized for some time.

There is no doubt that exercise is beneficial. For a number of people, exercising can mean having the power to change their life. Obese people who are determined to lose weight find that once they get over the initial hardships of getting an exercise program going, they actually enjoy themselves. For people with weight problems whose trigger for overeating is emotional, exercise can find a new channel for the emotions which may lead them away from overeating. Exercise becomes a healthier alternative to the feelings of emptiness or lack of self worth that may be the cause of their unhealthy eating habits. Then, as they start eating sensibly and losing weight due to exercise, the mind can start to make new connections that send the subliminal signal that exercising is good and it makes them feel good. All in all, if not overdone, exercise can make one feel healthier, happier and make one feel better about one’s self. Do you then need to ask why do people exercise?

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