Why Do People Get Tattoos?

Why do people get tattoos even though they are painful? There isn’t really one sole reason why people get inked. Whether the reason is shallow or deep, the pain that comes with the process is clearly not stopping people from decorating their bodies.

Those who get a tattoo on a dare or impulse, while drunk or just to impress somebody are usually the ones who are less satisfied with the results. They are also the ones who regret their spur-of-the-moment tattoos. There are also those who get tattoos mainly as a means of rebellion and they also become dissatisfied later on. As these people grow out of the need to rebel, they also grow tired of their tattoos. They may also find these symbols as a negative reminder of their past.

Another answer to the question “Why do people get tattoos” is identity. Some get tattoos in order to be identified as a member of a certain group, while others get inked to make a statement of their unique individuality. On the extreme end of the spectrum, there are inmates who get tattoos to show which group they belong to. These are usually designs of different codes that nonmembers do not understand. With inner-city gangs, they also have coded tattoos for the same intention. These types of tattoos have a dual purpose: they are a way to bond with people within the group and, at the same time, separate themselves from nonmembers.

Another interesting answer to “Why do people get tattoos” is that these artworks serve as memorials. Tattoos are an interesting way to remember an important person who already passed away or special places or situations a person doesn’t want to forget. They believe that pictures and other souvenirs are only temporary, while tattoos are permanent.

In the past, when people want to show the world what they want to say, they would print them in shirts; but nowadays, wordings and illustrations that symbolize their thoughts and feelings are inked on the skin. Tattoos range from religious symbols, patriotic flags, famous quotations or words people live by, and others.

Lastly, some who are asked the query “Why do people get tattoos” would simply say that because they want one. Other people don’t necessarily have deep reasons to get inked but this doesn’t mean they are being impulsive. They just love having a certain design on their skin that’s why they visit their local tattoo studio.

Remember that people should not be judged based on the tattoos on their skin like they are some members of dangerous gangs because people have certain reasons why they decided to get inked.

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