Why Do People Hear Voices?

voices in headIt has become apparent in recent decades that to hear voices is quite normal. It used to be seen a sign of mental illness and something to worry about, but is is become more understood. Here, we will talk about the voices you might hear, and why you experience them and give you some advice on how to deal with them.

How amazing is it going to feel when you get the voices in your head totally managed. Inside your head, you have all kinds of talking going on, and sometimes you can’t figure out what’s going on. It’s like, ‘why is there so much jibber-jabber going on inside my head,’ right?

First off you’re not alone. You’re not alone, you’re not weird. You’re not going to be hauled off in a straitjacket like they used to do in the good old days. It’s actually more normal than ever to have voices inside your head. In fact, check this out, science is actually studying what these voices are inside other people’s heads.


We don’t know if you’ve ever been thinking before, but do you ever have a thought going on and then there’s another conversation, and another conversation, and there’s a lot of conflict going on inside your head.

Where you have got one side of you that’s saying, “Hey I think I want to do this.” And you hear this other voice pop up and say, “Well that’s kind of a stupid idea.” And then the other voice pops up and goes, “No, I think you really should.” And it really sounds like there’s a whole bunch of voices going on inside your head. But please remember, you’re not weird. I think what you need to know is, and what you need to understand is that what’s going on in your head is normal, and what you can do about it.

You really don’t have to have all those voices inside your head. But it probably feels like this. You have got all these little people inside your head that are saying things to you and it can be very confusing. It can be confusing, it can be aggravating, it actually can be discouraging because it can make you doubt yourself and you become anxious.

Where do the voices come from?

lecturerWe bet you get talked out of doing things, inside your head. For example, just when you wake up in the morning, you’re pretty excited to get going for the day but then all this jibber-jabber starts to go on inside your head. Please allow us to me explain where this comes from. As you were growing up, there were always different people in your life who you looked up to for one reason or another. Either they were an authority figure, or a really important person in your life, or somebody you really cared about, or somebody you were really scared of. So, they come from all these different walks of life, came into your life for lots of different reasons.

But these people have said certain things to you and in those moments where they have said things to you, there was a either an intense or an emotional moment, or it was a really important moment to you. And because of those emotions, and because of the position that person was playing in your life at that time, they actually gained an authoritative position inside your thoughts.

It very well could have happened years and years and years and years ago. Or it could have happened last week. So, you really do have a bunch of other people talking to you, inside your head.

The reasons for the voices

blank expressionNow, why does this happen? Well, one of the reasons why it happens is because you’re letting it happen. You see, you are the one who’s in charge of what is going on inside your head. You are the one in charge, but you have got all these little people inside your head just saying whatever they want to say. They’re saying whatever they want to say, they’re doing whatever they want to do inside your mind. Bringing up scenarios and stories and saying stuff to you.

Because nobody’s taking charge inside your head. Wouldn’t it be great though, if these are all positive? But generally, we think more negative thoughts during the day than we do positive thoughts. And so, the actions that we have got to do is going to make a change  to what is happening.

How to change the voices in your head

So, someone needs to be in charge. We think today could just be the perfect  day for you to take charge of what’s going on inside your head. Now, what do you do you? You know, like how do you make this work?

  • Number 1, you need to set up some rules. You know, like what is allowed and what’s not allowed to be said inside your head. Like, what kind of rules? Well, maybe one of the rules inside your head would be, “There’s going to be no negative talking.” Maybe another rule is going to be ‘there’s no discouragement, there’s no mocking, there’s no judging, there’s no tearing people down’. But these are rules that you come up with.

We would suggest that you come up with 3 rules to govern what’s going on inside your mind. People who seek counselling and mentoring who are known run into this problem realise, as they’re trying to move forward in life, they understand that there is all this talking inside their heads and it’s creating conflict. One person seeking help said, “So what’s the rules governing the thoughts inside your mind?” No one’s ever told me that they have rules for their mind. If you have the same problems, and just want to get going with your life, and be the best that you can be, you need to have rules and boundaries. If you have a lot of conflicting thoughts inside your head you need to create rules. So, come up with 3 rules. Some examples of these rules could be: number 1 is that there is no negativity going to be talked about inside you head, number 2, no judging and rule number 3, no being critical on other people or yourself.

No negativity, judging and being critical. So, when the talking inside your head turns to being critical or judgmental or negative, you can declare to yourself, “that is against the rules.” It might sound a little crazy but come on, you’re the one who’s looking to figure out about what to do with the voices inside your head. You can’t govern something that doesn’t have rules or guidelines.

hearing voicesSo, step 1 you have got to create rules about what is allowed to be said in your head and when the rule gets broken, you call it out that that rule is being broken. We know it sounds wild that it’s like, ‘you know what? You actually need to fire some of those voices. You have some people in here that are really not good for you…’

These voices have some impact on what’s going on inside your mind because they have some authority level in your life.

  • Number 2, shut them down. Now, hear us on out this one. Let’s say you had a school teacher who gave you some advice, but now that you’re older you realise that advice really doesn’t work. But that school teacher now has this authority position in your mind and they keep saying that same statement over and over again. Well, you might be in a position that you might have to, like literally inside your mind, take that authority away.

Literally you just start talking to yourself to say, “Hey, you know Mr. and Mrs. so-and-so” from grade school, or middle school, or high school, or college or university, whatever you been to. Maybe you need to just shut them down. Maybe inside your head, you need to fire them and put them in the fired category.

  • Number 3, you have got to figure out who you’re going to hire. Who are we going to put inside your head? What advice do you want to listen to? Who is the go-to inside your mind for advice? Now, how do you pick this person? Who is that somebody that you believe in, somebody that you respect, somebody that you really honor and their advice is just timely for who you are today in your life?

So, you want to find this person. And you want to practice listening to them. You want them to Give you advice and encouragement, because you are firing the other voices in your head and following the rules to govern your space inside your mind.

But We will share this tip with you, pick about 3 to 5 people. Just three to five go-to’s inside your mind for encouragement. And what that does is it builds up your strength to govern what’s going on inside your head. And so, if you’re thinking that hearing voices inside your head is a bad thing, it’s not a bad thing.

voicesManage it

The only reason it gets bad is when you don’t govern it.. But when you learn how to manage it with 3 rules and you can fire some of the negativity inside your head, fire those people inside your head and hire some new people inside your head. You can be really strong inside your mind. You can build up your faith, you can build up the ability you have to create things in your life, you can really build up some great momentum in your life.

Because, it’s an incredible talent that you have. But you’ve got to govern it. But remember that having voices in your head, doesn’t make you weird. It’s a gift and a talent you get to learn how to manage. But until you get to that point if it’s all negative and it’s all weird and conflicting, you’re going to think you’re going nuts.

Govern it, manage it, and clean it up. And, watch how this talent is going to be a major game changer. And you’ll notice what a great teacher and influencer are you going to be of other people. Because nothing will stop you. And when you own this, oh my goodness, You’re going to find your life just kick into gear at a high, high level.

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