Why Do People Kiss?

Why do people kiss? People kiss when they are attracted to each other and as a means of expressing some form of affection for another person. There are, however, a number of reasons why people and even animals kiss.

Philematologists try to provide an explanation for “why do people kiss?” These experts, who formally study the evolutionary history of kissing, believe that the act began during the ancient times. Kissing is said to have originated from the act of premastication, which was the process of transferring chewed-up food from the mouth of the mothers to the mouth of their babies. Because this feeding method was comforting for the mothers, they continued to feed their infants by pressing their lips against their children’s faces to express how much they cared for them.

During the ancient Roman times, other evidence of early kissing were also noted. The Roman emperor was reported to have used various kissing levels to greet each person. The level of kissing is indicative of the person’s rank of nobility. Specifically, the highest ranking individuals were permitted to kiss the Roman emperor on his lips while lower ranking persons kissed him on the hands. The lowest ranks were allowed to kiss him on the feet.

The answer to “why do people kiss?” also varies from one culture to another. In India, they believed that breathing allows the soul to escape. Kissing allowed the people who engaged in the act to join and mingle their souls together. In some other cultures such as in early Europe, Africa, and Asia, kissing is an act derived from the tradition of bringing the faces together during a spiritual union.

A more commonly given answer to “why do people kiss?” is that kissing is an outstanding manner for determining one’s suitability with a potential mate. In relationships, the first kiss shared by a couple can influence how their future will be. If the kiss turns out to be a disaster, then it’s not likely that the couple will have a second date. In contrast, if the kiss turns out to be spectacular, then the couple’s future, both romantic and sexual, can be viewed with more optimism.

The kiss gives two individuals enough time to process the pheromones that each person produces, which are scent clues that are released by our bodies to attract a mate. These pheromones are important in helping people identify who their right mate is by giving biological indications of compatibility. Other than these, stimulating the nerve endings found on the lips and tongue when one engages in a kiss creates a pleasant feeling, which attracts people to kiss.

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