Why Do People Need A Government?

You might have heard some people say, ‘Why do people need a government? Governments are essential to the way of life of a civilized society. They are the political direction and the body of people that control the acts of the citizens, inhabitants, or members of societies, communities and states. This means that the Government has a fully responsibility to ensuring the safety and security of its people.

People need a Government in the sense that all legal documents are made up by the Government. This means that if foreigners are trying to invade your territory then the Government has the right to intervene. A Government is really needed because without it, anyone from another country could settle in any area which would definitely jeopardize the lives and livelihood of the citizens. Aside from this, Government officials are the ones making the rules and regulations with the help of the citizens in order to ensure a safe and clean environment. There are, however, a lot more reasons why people need the assistance of the Government.

Another reason why people need the assistance of a Government is for financial assistance. Poor and ill people can be taken care of by a Government and other non-government organizations. The Government offers financial assistance of different kinds. They offer financial help to people who are victims of natural calamities and at times, a Government can provide housing to those without homes. Aside from this, one of the reasons why people do need a government is educational help. Apart from giving some financial help to poor people, some Government departments provide scholarship grants to poor but deserving students. Student’s who do not have the means to finish their education but are willing, can ask help from the different Government departments of offering scholarship grants. They are then able to finish a 4-year degree course as long as they comply with the requirements of the scholarship grants.

The Government is an institution that caters to the needs of the country and most importantly its people. Thus, every law that they make is studied carefully in order to accommodate all people of all ages and from all parts of life. Furthermore, Governments offer a lot of activities and programs to all citizens such as feeding programs to the poor, livelihood classes for the elderly, back to school classes for adults who still want to learn and many more. For people who work abroad, they can also contact the Government for assistance if they face problems with their employers or legal documents. There are actually many reasons to answer the question why people need a government, but they will vary between individuals.

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