Why Do People Overeat?

If obesity is an ever-increasing problem in today’s society, then why do people overeat? Why can’t some people stop from indulging too much?

Almost everyone eats too much once in a while, like downing a dozen doughnuts during an overnight study session, or overeating at a Thanksgiving party. However, if eating too much becomes an uncontrollable habit, it is time to pay attention as you may be suffering from binge eating disorder.

So, why do people overeat? Some people overeat because they are suffering from an eating disorder. Binge eating disorder is a condition that is characterized by uncontrollable overeating, in which huge amounts of food are consumed while feeling powerless or out of control. Binge eating may be comforting for a short period of time. However, when a person starts to gain weight and his face starts to bloat, regret and self-loathing seeps in. Soon the vicious cycle of “eating to feel better” becomes a way of coping and hiding his remorse.

Why do people overeat when they are depressed? Perhaps, depression is one of the most common causes of overeating. Depression is such a terrible disease, as it affects your outlook in life. People binge eat in order to cope with their emotions of sadness. People suffering from this condition particularly find food to be appealing. Certain foods that are high in sugar content, such as chocolates, can temporarily lift one’s mood. It is no wonder that a lot of depressed people find binge eating as comforting.

Other reasons that can be cited on the question “Why do people overeat?” are stress, loneliness, or food addiction. Stress eaters are very common, especially that we live in highly stressful times. Thousands of people, who are subjected to nerve-racking situations, turn to food for comfort. Other binge eaters see food as some sort of companion in times of sadness or loneliness. For those who suffer from food addiction, overeating doughnuts or ice cream may be as hard to resist as an alcoholic ordering a beer.

How do you stop overeating? Binge eating may be difficult to overcome. It is important to start eating properly to make your body healthy. Develop a healthier relationship with food, meaning a relationship that is based on meeting your dietary needs, not your emotional needs. Learn to control your urge to eat more than what your body needs. Binge eaters can also seek treatment and support from health professionals to help them overcome their eating problem.

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