Why Do People Plagiarize?

Plagiarism occur almost everywhere and many people wonder why people plagiarize? It is an increasing problem in many fields. There are a lot of possible reasons which include challenging academic standards. In addition, there is an increased ease of access to content and this is the result of the arrival of new technology such as the internet. A lot of people have easy access to content over the internet which has resulted in plagiarism because people do not want to formulate content by themselves.

Plagiarism, even though a problem documented most often in educational establishments, is not actually limited to academics. It can take place wherever writing is compulsory. There are many factors that can explain why people plagiarize. For instance, people might plagiarize because there is a never ending amount of information being posted on the internet. Another reasons is that some people think that they will never get caught copying other people’s work.

People can also plagiarize due to the fact that they do not like to carry out the work themselves. Writing is quite hard for a lot of individuals, and schools do not essentially offer students with the writing skills that are needed in order to succeed. Another factor why people plagiarize is to earn more income. When you are making a web page, you might like to acquire a lot of content to make money from advertising revenue. And if you cannot write the content yourself, or will not write it yourself, you can always turn to plagiarism. In the case of students, they plagiarize because of the increasing academic pressure from both schools and parents. They do not want to fail the expectations of their parents and schools and that is why they want to produce the content that is needed of them.

Plagiarism can be done in various ways. Intentional plagiarism normally entails copying all the work, then submitting it, claiming that it is your own. On the other hand, accidental plagiarism takes place when you get many ideas from a single source, you do not correctly quote your sources or you borrow too many phrases or words. Whatever form you might use, it is still plagiarism since you did not create the work yourself. Of all the reasons mentioned earlier why people plagiarize, it seems that the reasons are acceptable, but always bear in mind that there will be sanctions.

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