Why Do People Read?

Why do people read? There are different reasons why people read. A number have intimate affairs with reading while some read simply because they are required to do so. Some start reading very young and stop when they find other activities that are more enjoyable. Others discover the pleasure of reading and continue to delight in such past times. Plenty of these enthusiasts become writers, editors or publishers of reading materials at some point.

Those who are avid readers would be able to provide a number of answers to the question of “why do people read?” One would be that readers find being lost in a good book as an alternative form of entertainment. For example, take the Harry Potter phenomenon. J. K. Rowling’s books have gotten children all around the globe away from video games and have inspired them to reading books again. Adults can also choose to read rather than spend their evenings in front of the television sets.

One good answer to provide when asked “why do people read?” is finding the right book at the right time. Parents who expose their children to the right kinds of books early can help form a good habit that lasts for a lifetime. The younger one starts reading, the greater the likelihood that one is going to take to the habit of reading.

Finding an affinity with the fictional characters in the books they read can also answer the question of “why do people read?” The popularity of the Harry Potter franchise is mostly due to the children empathizing with the heroes and heroines of the story. The children go through stages when they feel like outcasts but they eventually find best friends. The readers also hope that just as the main characters of the story turn out to be the ones who save the day for everyone, where they can also make a difference in other people’s lives. Often, this affinity with a reading material’s subject is the reason why people like a book, an author or a certain genre.

Reading also helps improve one’s language skills. It enhances the reader’s comprehension, vocabulary and spelling. It helps avid readers recognize words faster and see how certain languages are formed. Readers are also better at understanding complex subjects and may enjoy challenging opinions in debates. The act of reading can be a form of pleasurable escape from the hustle and bustle of real life. Getting caught up in the stories of great authors will help one forget problems temporarily. This kind of addiction is pretty much a sufficient answer to the question of “why do people read?”

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