Why Do People Scream?

Pretty much everyone owns a cell phone today, and it is rather annoying why people scream into their cell phones. Cell phones have a lot of advantages but of course come with responsibilities as well. There are absolutely proper and improper mobile etiquettes. Unfortunately improper mobile etiquette is still raging amongst the general population. Screaming or yelling into cell phones is one of the prime examples of improper cell phone use.

Have you ever witnessed how several individuals talk much louder on their cell phone compared to a regular telephone? Of course, this is very annoying for people nearby, especially in public places such as on trains or at bus stations, inside utility transportations and so on. On the other hand, a lot of individuals will excuse themselves when taking a call and go into another room, yet there are instances when they cannot do so. When driving a car, for example, you have to take a call and this is a time when cell phone etiquette might just be overlooked since there is no other place for you to go and take the call.

It is really very annoying when you hear people screaming into their cell phones in public places when they could actually lower their voices. At times, you can hear what they are talking about and this can affect your mood. Even though cell phones are very widespread in society, speaking softly into cell phones is still a new concept to many. For instance, a teenager who grew up during a time when landline or household telephones were the standard, were subconsciously trained to act as if every telephone functions such as a household telephone. This is one of the reasons why people scream into their cell phones. It is no surprise when most of these people switch from household telephones to cell phones; they tend to carry over a cluster of their habits when answering the phone. Today you are able to hear your own voice much more softly when you speak into your cell phone. The natural reaction would be for you to speak up. However, it is vital to stay away from this tendency in circumstances where you should behave in a polite way.

Please bear in mind that people like to listen to you what you are saying into your cell phone. They want to listen as much as possible, therefore bear in mind that you only need to have a regular voice while talking to someone on your phone and you should talk as if the person you are talking to is standing next to you. Remember that cell phones are very useful gadgets and people need to have proper etiquettes, but at times you might be wonder why people scream into their cell phones.

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