Why Do People Speed?

Speaking in general, the reason why people speed is because they are impatient and in a hurry. More often than not, people speed because they lack the ability to be more patient. In addition, they do not have the patience to wait. This is extremely true in the case of drivers. The traffic jams which they face every day would lead them to be impatient because they have to spend more time on the road rather than doing other things.

However, drivers who think that they have better driving skills compared to the majority of people feel that they can break laws without getting caught. In such cases, they can put the lives of other drivers and people in jeopardy. History is full of drivers who have caused accidents and taken lives, and put the lives of other people at risk. This resulted to property damage and has cost them to spend a considerable amount of money. But for some drivers, they want to speed up simply for the reason that they want to feel in authority on the road. They feel satisfied and happy when they think they are the fastest driver around. Thus, they want to speed up to satisfy that desire.

However, with the busy schedule and lifestyle many now have, people tend to speed in order to cope with the demand of time and work. They need to do this so they know what is happening otherwise they feel they will be left behind. People speed up because they feel that there is a need for them to be better compared to other people. If they are going faster, they feel as though they are winning and they can get to their destination faster. This is one reason why people speed. They do not want to be just functioning, but prefer to be better and at least can show something to other people. Of course, this is only good as long as they are not going to do it at the expense of other people. Aiming to become better is good but you have to do it in a sensible way.

It is believed that some people speed because they believe they have a good reason and at times it is intentional. For instance, drivers who are not familiar with a place do not have any idea of the speed limit since local streets have different speed limits at almost every block, thus if somebody is visiting the place for the first time, he might make an unexceptional mistake. At times, the reason why people speed can be valid, especially when this is unintentional.


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