Why Do People Stretch?

Why do people stretch before and after running? Running is a tough and vigorous body workout. A lot of injuries can be caused by failure to stretch before and after running. More importantly, it is necessary to stretch to make sure that your muscles return to their normal shape or lengthen if necessary.

There are many more reasons why you need to spend some time stretching after doing your running work out. One is to improve flexibility and recuperation after running. During your running work out, your muscles become contracted since you tense your body for them to fit into the running surfaces. Thus, stretching after running will definitely re-lengthen your muscles and improve flexibility. Aside from this, it will promote a quicker recovery. When you have experienced being stiff for few hours after running, then this is the result of lactic acid building up upon your muscles. If you want to see the advantages of stretching, attempt to run without stretching and then stretch for about 10 minutes. Compare what you feel after doing this.

Another reason for stretching after running is to lessen the consequences of lactic acid. Your body will work hard to generate energy for your muscles during exercises. This is particularly true for runners who require a steady flow of energy in order to maintain their muscles to keep them moving. When your body is not able to receive enough oxygen, it begins to generate lactic acid which can attack your muscles and causes you to be more susceptible to fatigue which will cause you to slow down. This is a very important reason why people stretch after a running work out.

It is to be able to stop any serious health problems which can occur because of failing to stretch. As your body restores normal levels of oxygen and as you rest, lactic acid diminishes and your muscles will return to normality. Bear in mind that lactic acid is not good for your body and gentle stretches following your running workout can aid to stretch out tired muscles and tendons and increase the course of the lactic acid leaving your body.

Moreover, as your muscles are more vulnerable to little tears after the accumulation of lactic acid, stretching after running will assist you to calm your muscles through lengthening them gently after they have shortened during exercise. It is suggested that you walk around for about 5 minutes to assist your muscles to calm down and prevent them from going into spasms. Therefore, knowing the reasons why people stretch after a running work out will help avoid you physical injuries and will improve your overall health as well.


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