Why Do People Stutter

There are a lot of reasons why people stutter. Children learn to talk through observing people around them such as their brothers, sisters, parents and other adults. They tend to follow what people around them do. This takes place from birth and when their vocal chords are fully developed, at that time they begin to speak. When a member of their close family has a problem with stuttering, there is a great chance that they could pick up their terrible habits and start to stutter as well. You might have met a lot of people who stutter and informed you that someone in their family also suffers with stuttering.

For unknown reasons it is usually the father who suffers from such a problem. A lot of parents have even said that if they have this kind of problem they have always been able to speak effortlessly to and around their kids. Unluckily, children listen to talks and discussions when you least expect it. The reaction of parents when their children first begin to stutter is vital. If they are patient and calm, and they do not react excessively, there is a great chance that the child will not worry and panic.

Another reason why people start to stutter is a reaction to “a shock”. People can stutter in situations such as serious car crashes, giving birth and being mugged. They do not know how to react, so they begin to stutter. Of course, every person reacts to situations in different ways. Copying somebody who has a stutter is one of the reasons why people stutter. Children like to follow what other people are doing. For instance, if they have a classmate in school that has started to stutter, they might follow him/her and after copying this classmate, there is s tendency that they can also start to stutter. According to studies, there are a number of cases where children have begun to stutter after copying a friend or classmate at school. Their copy was some form of a game but they did not know that this could affect their way of speech.

People who constantly mimic and mock a person who stutters could end up stuttering and themselves. Some people have developed such problems after mimicking and mocking someone who stutters have ended up killing themselves. It is advisable that people should respect one another and not mock those who have problems with their speaking ability. This can be a serious reason why people stutter and one would not wish to end up having the same problems with their speech after mocking and mimicking someone.

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