Why Do People Use Whatsapp?

Why do people send messages using Whatsapp?

whatsapp iconwhatsapp iconwhatsapp iconHave you ever wondered, why do people use Whatsapp, the messaging service owned by Facebook? Today, we’ll walk you through ten amazing features so that you can understand why people use Whatsapp. We’re going to show you through twelve hidden features of Whatsapp that you’re going to love.

  • Number One changing the text format – You can change the format of the text that you are writing to, bold, italics, or strikethrough. To make what you are typing bold, put an asterisk * (shift + 8) before and after the word or a sentence. To use the italic function put an underscore _ (shift + -) before and after the word, words, or a sentence, and if you want to give your text a strikethrough effect on a sentence or a word, put a tilde ~ (shift + `) symbol before and after.
  • Number Two change the font size – For this, go back to the home screen and click on settings, then click on chats and there you will see the place to change the font to either small, medium, or large.
  • Number Three turn off auto download – To use this useful feature, go back to settings, then select data usage, and you will see the media auto download option. For mobile data you are able to uncheck this, it is also possible to do the same for when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. This has got two benefits, first it saves on data costs and second, your internal storage on your device gets used only for the content that you actually download.
  • Number Four see who has read your message in a group chat – Think of this situation, you have sent a message to a group and want to see who has read it. To do this you need to do a long press on the message, then tap on the menu at the top, then press info. This shows the information that the message is delivered to which of the recipients, so you can see if it’s read by one person, a few, or all of them.
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    Use Whatsapp to connect with people

    Number Five hide your blue ticks – To use this really helpful feature you need to go back settings, then account privacy, and uncheck the box for read receipts. This is so that other people will not be able to see when have you actually read the message.

  • Number Six back up your messages – If you are moving Whatsapp from one device to another, you will need to create a back up of the messages. For this, go to settings, you will see chats and from there you’ll see chats backup. This allows for you to make a chats back up on Google Drive. All that you will need is the Google Drive app on your device. Simply tap on backup. This will take some time, depending upon the data speed and the content that you want to backup. For curiosity’s sake, if you want to know where this backup is stored, go to Google Drive, tap on the settings cogwheel on the right, go to settings > manage apps from the left, scroll down and you will see Whatsapp Messenger. This is the backup file, just so you know where it is if you ever need to find it!

Who knew Settings could do so much?

  • Number Seven hiding your personal info – You might not want everyone to see your profile picture, or you last seen status, that’s can be how stalking starts! For this feature, go back to settings > account privacy and pick the option for last seen. If you have done it correctly, the other person will not be able to see when you have read the message, and if you choose ‘just my contacts’ then only your contacts will be able to see you last seen status. Similarly, you can make changes for your profile picture and you status.
  • iPhoneNumber Eight create a chat shortcut – When you chat with someone frequently and want to create a chat shortcut on the home screen of your device, do a long press on the contact and then tap on the three dots. Select the option to add a chat shortcut. Once done, you will see a shortcut on your home screen that will take you directly to that chat.
  • Number Nine change your phone number – Changing your number? You don’t need to deactivate your account. Instead, you go to settings > account > change number. Next, enter your old number, and then the new number. This will preserve all your chats and groups and everything will move seamlessly to the new number.
  • Number Ten send large sized files – Say, you receive a video clip, the original time duration for the clip was 5 minutes but you received only 2 minutes and 50 seconds of the clip. The reason will be its file size. Why can’t you send long videos? In Whatsapp this is under the FAQs section. Whatsapp allows you to officially send videos which are only up to 16 MB in size and on most phones this will translate to between 90 seconds and 3 minutes. Is ti possbile to send larger files through Whatsapp? Thankfully, yes there is! By using Google Drive, open the Google Drive app on your mobile device, tap on the plus icon on the bottom right, upload the content that you want to share, tap on the three dots, and then share link. You will be asked how you want to share link, you want to share it through Whatsapp, so then you select the contact you want to send the file throughand they will receive the link to access it.
  • Number Eleven broadcast messages – The next cool thing in Whatsapp is that you can broadcast messages. For that feature, tap on the three dots on the top right and select create a new broadcast. Search for the people you want to add in the broadcast list, for example you can add your family or your work friends, then tap on the green button and you’ve broadcast the message. You may be wondering what the difference is between group messages and a broadcast. There are actually two differences, first – people in the group can see each other’s name and numbers and that’s not true in the case of broadcast. The second big difference – if you want to add someone in a broadcast list that person should have you in their mobile device as a contact, this is not true in the case of groups.
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    You can use Whatsapp on your desktop

    Number Twelve Whatsapp for desktop – Lastly on our list of reasons to use Whatsapp is accessing Whatsapp on the desktop of your computer. For that, open web.whatsapp.com on your desktop browser, then on you mobile device tap on the three dots. Go to Whatsapp web, this will open the camera, you scan the code and this mirrors the Whatsapp application on to your desktop browser. Now you can do almost everything that you can do on a mobile device: upload a picture, video, download a photograph or a video, and of course chat if you want! To back out from Whatsapp web, click on the three dots and simply log out. The second way to access Whatsapp on yout desktop is through an app. If you are using on Windows, your Windows version needs to be 8 or above, and for Mac it should be Mac OS X or higher. To download the app go to Whatsapp.com/download and you can download the app. If you use Windows it will give you the correct option, and the same will happen if you are using a Mac.

It’s time for bonus tip! People share a lot of personal stuff on Whatsapp, so they have encrypted the service end-to-end so only the person who is sending the message and the one who is receiving it knows the content and can read the message: no one else can do that. If you want to see how this works, open a Whatsapp message with an existing contact and go to thee three dots, open the contact info and scroll down, you will see an encryption option. From there, open it on the other person’s mobile device and you will see these same numbers, and that’s the code which is 100% encrypted.

Here are some great reasons why people use Whatsapp, there may be plenty more besides too!

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