Why Do People Work?

Why do people work? Everybody has both emotional and financial needs, and working helps take care of those needs.

Every person has various answers to the question “Why do people work?” because people’s needs differ. However, one thing is certain: we all work because we attain something from it. Whatever we gain from work, it absolutely impacts our morale and the quality of our lives.

Whatever your personal reasons for working are, the number one answer to “Why do people work?” is that money is an important part of our lives. Whether you call it salary, compensation, benefits or wage, money pays the bills. Realistically speaking, everyone needs money because without it, we could not take care of our families. It provides roof on our heads, clothing, food, and all our basic needs. It also pays for our children’s tuition, and even allows us to enjoy ourselves and buy more than we need. If you do not have work, who would pay for these things? Nobody simply hands out everything for you to enjoy.

Apart from providing our needs and wants, another response to “Why do people work?” is the emotional fulfillment working brings. Everybody has a dream job. We simply find fulfillment when achieve this dream and do the things we love. As Confucius puts it, “Find a job you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It does not feel like a burden to work because it’s really what we want. In addition, it can be very fulfilling to know that we can give your family what they need and want. It also gives us peace of mind that if certain problems arise, we are secure. For instance, we would not fear about getting sick or being involved in unpleasant circumstances. Hospital bills are very costly but if one has work, he can rely on his salary or the health benefits he receives.

Intellectual satisfaction is another answer to the question “Why do people work?” because there are those who find contentment in learning and imparting their knowledge as well. Some just love the challenge that comes with work. While working can also be stressful, it enriches a person and makes him better. Everybody wants an opportunity for growth and development that involve supplemental education and training, team participation, and sometimes field trips to successful companies. Working gives you the drive to make intelligent decisions, set measurable goals, have clear responsibility to complete tasks, and aim for improvement.


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