Why Do People Worship?

There are a lot of answers, but why do people worship a God? Whatever religion you may belong to, you will always believe that you need to worship your God. You believe that worshiping the God of your religion is a sign of respect. You may feel the need to show respect to the very person who has created everything that you see around you. Of course, you cannot see the person you are worshipping, but that is what they call a leap of faith. You can feel in your heart that there is someone out there who is willing to help you or make you feel better in times of suffering or difficulty.

Throughout the history of man, no theory can prove that this universe was created by a normal human being. Only a person with divine power and authority could do this, so, as a sign of respect, you have to worship your God. This is a sign that you believe your God and worshiping is a way of praising the creator of everything, and all that is. This is a sign of trusting yourself, and in the guidance of God. You do believe that apart from your God, you cannot accomplish everything you want to do.

Some people would explain this in a very basic manner. Why do you think you respect your parents? Because they gave you life, provide you food and water, they give you a roof over your head as well as all the other things you need, especially when you were still a child. You have to be appreciative of what they have done and what they are doing for you and that you have to show them that you really care about what they have been sacrificing for you. This is the same reason why people worship their God, but on a much grander level. The example about showing respect to your parents should give you an insight into the reasoning of worshiping a God.

Another reason why some people worship their God is that it helps them solve their problems. They believe that when they worship and pray to their God, they will be enlightened, or blessed, and will know how to face their problems. Problems are always part of human life, but if you do not know how to solve them then you might end up accumulating more problems, and this might end up driving you crazy.

Knowing that there is someone supernatural out there will help you go on with your life, even though there may be a lot of problems you have to face. Always bear in mind that everyone has their own unique set of problems, but they will be solved by asking for help from your God. Why do people worship – to show respect and to help solve their problems.


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