Why Do People Complain?

This question is frequently asked by people providing a service or selling a product. For these people, knowing the reason for the complaint becomes profitable because it can serve as the basis for them to improve. The voice of the consumer is considered, and complaints are collated so that it may be analyzed and acted upon. Although no company likes having or receiving complaints, the more forward thinking companies learn to trawl through the various complaints and use these to make their company better. A complaint, after all, is something that comes from the customer. Businesses need customers and if the company does not take care of their concerns, they are not likely to have a good reputation for very long.

People who are sick are likely to complain too. Children and adults alike get in a complaining mood when they have an ailment, whether real or imagined. A mom or a caretaker may really get bothered by the whining and the complaining over the simplest things. Perhaps the reason for this is that the patient needs attention. This explanation seems reasonably true, especially if the person is going through difficult times and an illness is used as an excuse to cover up their dislike of it, or to deflect it away from the real issue. This behavior is not healthy and if a child is involved, it would be wise for the parent or caretaker to talk it over and give him the necessary assurance and support if possible. Why do people complain, especially if there does not seem to be anything to complain about? Sometimes people use complaining as a way to get people to listen to them or to have someone to talk to. There are anecdotes of call center agents who get a call at irregular hours only to find out that there really was not a complaint at all. It was just a lonely person wanting to talk to someone.

The fact cannot be discounted though that there are valid reasons for complaining. If a product does not deliver the purpose you purchased it for, or if food you bought is not up to standard and is hazardous to health, then one should really complain. In this case you complain because you want satisfaction and you want to be assured that something can be done to address your concerns because your purchase assures you that you should. When your safety is concerned you must never be timid about complaining because your complaint may not save your own life but also the lives of the people. Never be bothered when someone remarks “why do people complain?”

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