Why Do People Do Meth?

Why do people do meth? Why do people take any sort of addictive substance at all? Meth is a term that can mean a poisonous drink made from ethanol such as methylated spirits or an alcohol formula like methanol. More popularly though, when you say meth it pertains to methamphetamine, which is a brain stimulant. Doctors always say that any drug or medicine when taken in excess will prove harmful to the body.

With meth however, even a very tiny amount can cause damage to the neurons in the brain. Meth makes users feel a heightened sense of pleasure. It makes them feel alert, daring and energetic. It’s like taking a booster for your senses. Unfortunately, as with any addictive drug, the sensation will not be repeated. Even if you increase the dose of the drug, your body builds up a tolerance for it, therefore you will need more and more to replicate the first high.

Wanting to replicate that first high is the reason why people slowly become addicted to meth. Apart from this, people who need to extend their period of alertness tend to depend on it once they experience feeling energetic and tireless because of their first experience on it. Like the feeling of pleasure, that feeling of boundless energy depreciates on the succeeding doses leading to more and more consumption of the drug.

The need for the drug is defended with excuses such as it’s needed so that they can do their job, they have a deadline and they just need a little boost, plus a whole host of other reasons. Why do people do meth? Don’t they know that it’s going to be bad for their body? Unless they have been comatosed for the past few decades and have never watched television then surely they understand the risks involved…? The sad part is that people are willing to close their eyes to the reality that not only their health but their lives can be destroyed if they remain addicted to meth. This is a testament to the power of addiction.

Using meth the first time largely involves choice. Once meth has consumed your system, the choice of stopping has less availability and appeal to the user. People who are already addicted will find it hard to make the choice to stop because the pleasure or high they get from it becomes impossible to stop. They literally cannot stop. Their body will fight against it. They need to be rehabilitated. Opting to enter a drug rehabilitation center is hard for anyone who has to go through it, because it means that the person has lost control over themselves, and this is perhaps one of the biggest struggles that the meth addict will need to overcome.

So whether, if it’s for pleasure or for added energy, using meth will never turn out to be a good thing in the long run, because once you get on that ride, the only way forward is down.

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