Why Do People Get Nervous?

There is certainly nothing to get nervous about if you have not done anything worthy of being nervous. Nervous is synonymous to apprehensive, distressed, disturbed or just plain concerned. A person gets nervous because of a trigger. The trigger could be something that the concerned person knows will make them hurt, embarrassed or uncomfortable. A popular example is getting nervous about speaking in front of an audience. Even if you search about being nervous on the internet, it will most likely show you are searching related to getting nervous about making a speech. The trigger is stress.

The solution – theoretically – is to relax for the nervousness to fade enough to enable the afflicted person to do the task. For a huge percentage of people, this really takes the top of the list of things that get people nervous. It is OK to get nervous as long as one does not get too nervous so you get paralyzed by it.

Being nervous is not that bad. It is perfectly normal for a person to get nervous, especially if they can perceive a threat to one’s person. It is an instinct that helps keep us from harm. Why do people get nervous when there is no a visible or perceived danger? Being nervous happens in the mind. If a person cannot feel at ease and perceives stressors there where there are none, this may mean there is a problem with the person’s mind. Nervous disorders may be a sign that the person needs to receive treatment or medication because no amount of logic or reasoning can make the nervousness go away. People get nervous during exam time too. This is true at any age. People get nervous when being interviewed. The anxiety is the same as being tested. Not knowing the answer makes it nerve wracking; add that to the tension of not being sure if you will get a good score.

People do lots of things to make them feel calm. They drink water, hum, chew gum, jog or say a mantra. Some people pray, eat, listen to music or go to the bathroom. Feeling nervous is disruptive when you cannot get it under control so it is important that you recognize what makes you nervous. Sometimes putting off an important but unpleasant task makes one nervous too. The best solution for this is taking the action you are nervous about. Doing something for the first time also makes one nervous. As the famous ad says – just do it. Meeting new people will make you less nervous when you remember that they are probably just as nervous as you are. Being nervous is not something you need to worry about. Believe it or not, other people are also wondering why people do get nervous?

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