Why Do People Go To Hell?

This is something that a lot of people cannot reconcile. They cannot believe that a loving God can send someone to a place of eternal suffering. How can a God punish so cruelly and fatally if he really is a kind and loving God? Hell is a place where sinners go when they die without being saved. Catholics believe that a person can be saved from hell even after he dies if his relatives pray for him and by this remove him from purgatory and send him to heaven. For born again Christians and Protestants, it would take a person a profession of faith in Jesus and a confession of being a sinner to be saved from hell. It is a choice. It is done freely and requires no membership in a church or any organization in order to accomplish. It is a matter between you and God.

For other religious persuasions, the concept of Hell is viewed differently. Some call Hell Hades. Hades is a place where the dead go. Unlike the Christian or Catholic concept of Hell, the concept of punishment in the afterlife is not quite brought attention to. Hades is the King of the underworld according to Greek mythology. It is his realm and currently it also means the place where he ruled.

As in Christianity, it is the place where a soul is judged. Some myths tell that there are three places where a soul goes to. If a soul was good, he went to Elysium. Bad people went to Tartarus. The third place was much like Catholic Purgatory where the in-between people went. Why do people go to Hell, or Hades? The basic reason was because they were evil. The souls who went there are sent there to be eternally punished. They were tormented without end and the fires of Hell consumed them.

Hell has never been pictured as anything but a place where souls get their dues from their life. Souls go to Hell because they committed sins. Even one single sin can cause you to go to Hell. No sin is exempt. For the Christian belief, people will certainly go to Hell once judgment day comes and they have been found without the saving grace of Jesus. Since people are committing sins all the time, it would seem that there is no hope of escaping from it unless one acknowledges that Jesus is the only way out of that place and go to heaven instead. People will go to Hell because it is their destiny because Adam and Eve sinned. Thank God that He sent his son to rescue believers from the fire that is never consumed. If only people believed then there would be no question about why people do go to Hell?

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