Why Do People Immigrate?

Why do people immigrate even though they have to leave the life that they are used to? Everybody wants a better life for their family and some will go the extra mile to provide it. Other countries offer a better future, where workers have higher earnings and people have a more comfortable lifestyle. Parents want their children to have better career prospects as well and they believe that immigration is the answer.

A valid answer for “Why do people immigrate?” is education. When one is not satisfied with the educational systems and opportunities in his country, he may choose to go abroad to enroll in world-class high schools, colleges, universities, and graduate schools.

Political reasons may also be an answer to “Why do people immigrate?” There are numerous political reasons associated with the term immigration. Some people leave their homeland because their political system is in havoc. In addition, those who believe that they are not given enough political freedom choose to find it elsewhere. Some get a new citizenship in order to have a better living atmosphere, free from political chaos.

Other people’s answer to “Why do people immigrate?” is to be with their loved ones. Sociologists call this a “start of a series,” where the first person who migrates sends out a message to his family or friends that he is happily settled. He will tell everyone how his life has improved and he will try to convince the rest to follow. There are those who leave their beloved native land to be with their spouse, who may have another nationality or someone who is resettling abroad, and begin their own family.

Push and pull factors greatly influence migration. Push factors are the bases people consider why they want to leave their region. These factors may include lack of safety, poor services, earthquakes, high crime rate, unpleasant climate, war, and poverty. On the other hand, pull factors are what make another country more inviting like political stability, wealth, lovely climate, less crime, lower risks from natural disasters, and better services. A blend of these factors influences a person to immigrate.

Sometimes, the answer to “Why do people immigrate?” has to do with personality. There are adventurous people who get tired of their old lives, which is why they choose to go to another country and start a new journey. They want to go to new places, meet new people, and open themselves to new challenges. On the other hand, most introverted people would rather stay where they are.

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