Why Do People Need Religion?

There are believed to be many supernatural beings in this universe and this is one of the reasons why people need a religion. To put it plain and simple, it is believed that humans need a religion to provide them with hope and inspire them. More often than not, religion provides their followers with an afterlife, so they want to live their lives productively and the best that they can. They want to achieve something that is pleasing to their God. As much as possible, people want to live a sacred and righteous life so they can be able to show what they have learned from their religion. They feel satisfied and fulfilled when they go to church and worship their God.

Whatever the religion, the feeling that they feel when they are following the teachings of their religion is incomparable. They feel complete and the emptiness within their heart can be filled if they think that they have done what is righteous, not only to God, but to other humans as well. They feel secure knowing that someone out there is looking for them even though they cannot see it.

Other people believe that religion will bind their families. Couples who are deciding to enter the new stage want to have the same religion as their partners. Having the same religion will allow them to be united in any aspect of their lives. It cannot be denied that one of the reasons why some couples do not end up marrying each other is contrasted with religion. If one partner does not want to agree to join them, there is a tendency that the relationship will be broken. Thus, relationship is reason enough why people need a religion. Couples believe that being involved in the same religion will bring them closer to each other. Aside from this, there is something that will hold them if they are tempted to do something wrong. Thus, having a religion will help someone to stay away from bad acts and will help them strive to do good things to other people, most especially their families.

Much has been said about religion and many people have attested to the fact that believing in God will help them become better people. It is true that to err is human since they are not perfect, although they can be perfected. Temptation is always there to entice people but they have a conscience and mind to think about it before being carried away. They need to have solid faith in their God, and follow the teachings of their religion for them to stay away from wrongdoings and temptations. So, if someone would ask you why people need a religion, you should know what to tell them.


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