Why Do People Poach?

It is believed that some kind of deeply rooted beliefs are the reason why people poach animals and they are poached for various reasons. Some people do it as a type of sporting activity. They actually find this activity thrilling and fun. Some people hunt the animals in order to keep some parts of the body of the animals as a trophy or souvenir such as the head of a deer. A lot of the animals, however, are being hunted that are actually of great value to the people who are poaching.

A smaller number of individuals poach because this is their means to find food for survival. This type of poaching is said to be not what causes the animals to become extinct. Some people find poaching a method of survival rather than a way to add to their collection or to get wealthy. This minority of people does not have the means to produce their own food so they poach in order for them to eat and survive. This was mostly applicable during ancient times when people did not have the means to cook their food, or plant their own crops. During that time, people poached animals for food and survival.

Nowadays, however, people poach animals for a range of reasons and they vary from one poacher to another. The skin, hides and other parts of the animal’s body can be utilized for food, clothing, medication, trophies and jewelry. Some people actually find happiness and satisfaction if they see parts of an animal being displayed as a trophy in their own home. They feel some kind of power and authority. Thus, satisfaction is a reason enough why people poach animals, especially if the animals are very rare. Another reason for people poaching is to capture living animals, in order to sell them into the illegal pet selling trade. A number of people, as mentioned earlier, poach because of deeply rooted beliefs which make this kind of activity acceptable.

Sadly though, some people poach simply for the thrill and fun of it. Apart from these reasons, some people poach in order to promote themselves as good tour guides or to advertise a product or service. They can in fact operate all year round using any of the methods that can give those results at low risk. A lot of people who poach are engaged in other illegal activities as well. Some of the illegal activities are one of the reasons why people poach animals, and they are not afraid of the laws that might punish them if proven guilty of poaching because the risks outweigh the potential profits that can be made.

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