Why Do People Pollute?

How and why do people pollute the environment? Pollution is a major problem in this world and affects land, ocean and air. Pollution can actually affect the lives of human and will lead to serious problems in the future pollution preventative methods are not adopted. For instance, large bodies of water are becoming so polluted that nowadays it is not possible for them to be fished or for people to swim in them. Some rivers or lakes are so polluted that swimming in them could result in waterborne disease, potentially very life threatening.

Pollution in water directly affects ocean organisms as well as indirectly affecting the health and resources of humans. Fishermen will no longer be able to harvest the amount of fish they were once able to catch and will result in a huge drop in income for them. This situation will only become worse if water pollution problems are not addressed sooner rather than later. If pollution will become worse, living creatures in it will all die which will indirectly affect us all!

The major sources that pollute the ocean are oil spills, dumping of harmful materials and toxic wastes. People must learn more about this because if they become knowledgeable about pollution, then they will be able to do something to stop it. On the other hand, one of the reasons why people pollute the environment is because they are lazy. Many people simply throw their waste in the water or on the ground instead of going to the trash bin to put their garbage away. They think that this is convenient. They do not reflect on the consequences and effects that it can do to the world they are living in. On the other hand, people can pollute the environment by accident most. They pollute due to the fact that they have not been correctly educated as to how chemicals and waste are damaging the earth.

However, these days, there are many seminars and conferences held both by government and other non government organizations to educate people on how to properly dispose of their garbage. With such programs and conferences, people will become more aware of the consequences and effects of disposing their waste into the environment. This will broaden their horizons and protect the world for the next generation. It is important that governments educate how and why people pollute the environment so every citizen will have a reason for protecting it.

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