Why Do People Protest?

Why do people protest about corruption and awful government officials? Why do they rally on the streets if government officials are doing illegal things? Do you think people have the right to protest against people who have authority and control? It is undeniable that you see a lot of protests on television. People are holding banners on the streets while shouting protest against the government or government officials. You might have seen public activity against corruption, not only in your country, but also all over the world.

It is believed that it is vital in a lot of countries that their citizens do everything they can to fight and resist corruption. In some ways, this can resemble a bloodless civil war or silent dictatorship. Corruption is insidious, and this is perilous due to the fact that it is so contagious. Corruption can multiply like an illness to the entire population. Citizens resent and complain about the corruption of government officials, protesting that it is the fault of the politicians.

Politicians carry much responsibility, yet the problem becomes truly difficult when the greater part of the citizens from the larger population start to take part in order to share profits from the corruption, feeling at times that they are not given any other choice in an unfair system, or just being enticed by the benefits. Yes, it is essential to fight corrupt politicians and corrupt legislation with all moral means, yet every citizen must reflect on themselves as well. They must see to it that they are not benefiting from the corruption which politicians are profiting from. They have to know the legal reasons why people protest about corruption. They also have to find out if the corruption is really taking place. Politicians must be given due process before actually condemning them. However, corrupted politicians must reflect, otherwise he or she will no longer hold any government office ever again. Politicians must understand that if they corrupt people, they are actually taking away their power.

An honest population will find it difficult get rid of a corrupt government and politicians. It is also almost impractical for a corrupt population to fight against corrupt politicians. Some of the politicians know this so they corrupt their people ‘sweetly’ since this means that they can control them. But refusing corruption is crucial in a spiritual examination of faith and integrity among the citizens, and in human society. Some people would say that they have stolen since other people have done the same thing. But this is not actually odd because from history politicians know why people protest against corruption, and it pays a lot if politicians are honest enough to themselves and their people.

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