Why Do People Run?

There are many different reasons why people run. Why do sane individuals normally place themselves through the ecstasies and agonies of running after those endorphins? For some, they want to run in order to keep their ideal weight. Or they want to lose weight so they run as frequently as possible so they are able to lose weight and get rid of those unwanted toxins, extra pounds and fats. They want to perspire as much as possible through running and also exercise after doing their running routines.

Aside from keeping their weight in check, they want to be strong physically. Running and regular exercises will help people to be physically fit and mentally healthy as well. In addition, they will not have many problems with their health. For other people, running is a buzz of competition. This can also be a means for them to achieve personal bests. They want to compete in running events either locally or nationally. Professional runners have earned considerable amounts of money by competing in marathon events in their own country or all over the world.

Other people run, quite simply, because they enjoy it. It is way of life for them, and they feel complete when they do this physical activity. This other reason is possibly the most vital, and yet it is frequently the most unnoticed reason. The pressures of recent everyday life can lead to running being reduced in importance. It is said that their training of people can become stale as they find themselves merely going through the motions. The reason why people run is sometimes being refuted by some people but if they think it over, it is perhaps the most important reason. There is nothing wrong if you make the most out of your available time and follow a schedule, yet there is a risk in missing out any of the things that running can offer which is fun. At times, some unadulterated and good old fashioned running, not worrying about things like mile splits, lap times and mileage, can actually be the orders of a physician.

Thus running can actually do a lot of things to people who do it on a regular basis. It can also be a motivation for them to do more and be even more productive. They are able to stay away from bad vices such as drinking, smoking and engaging in drugs because they do not have the time to do so. They would prefer to do their running routine. These different reasons why people run are always beneficial and nothing can be lost if someone would take up running as a hobby.


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