Why Do People Vote?

Why do people vote during elections?” What are the reasons why people vote and take part in the political system?

The question “Why do people vote?” can have various explanations and intentions. One reason is that they want to let themselves be heard, by voting. People have the right to vote. They have the ability to decide for themselves and they have the freedom to choose whatever it is that they feel would be good for them. Why must they let other people decide for them when they have the opportunity to be heard? Thus, they cast their votes.

Another reason that is given regarding the question “Why do people vote?” is representation. People vote for a politician who could best represent their needs and concerns. People want someone who produces concrete results so they will know that their money did not go to waste.

Even today, there are still countries where people are still fighting and struggling for their right to vote. Young people, women, and underrepresented groups or humanitarian organizations all fight hard for their right to vote. People should vote in honor of those who can’t even cast a vote.

Civic duty is another factor why people vote. Voting is a civic duty of every citizen in a democratic country. It’s not just about doing one’s duty, but believing that their votes do count and would affect the electoral outcome. The government is designed for citizen participation. If you do not vote, other people are going to make the decisions for you.

A groundbreaking study also sheds a new light on why people vote. The study finds that genes significantly affect variation in voter turnout. The study attempted to test the link between genes and political participation. The results suggested that a large part of the variation in political participation is due to individual genetic differences. It was also inferred that the upbringing of the family could have little or no effect at all on children’s future political participation.

Researcher James H. Fowler of UC San Diego said that they were rather surprised to see the findings of the study. They expected to find a relation between a person’s genes and political behavior, but they did not expect the size of the effect and how it is widely applied to all kinds of participation.

So, once again, why do people vote? There is no definite answer that everybody can agree on, but definitely, there are some ideas.


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