Why Do People Whale Hunt?

To answer the question “why do people whale hunt? Survival is one of the strongest answers. You might be thinking that in this contemporary world, people can work and be able to buy their own foods. However, there are still individuals or tribes that survive through hunting, such as the Inuit. They harvest a few whales every year, in line with quotas. This is in order for them to survive the bitterly cold weather that they have to face every year. Like in early years, some people still hunt for their food from oceans and rivers, from the mountains, forests and jungles. They do this mainly for them to exist.

Another reason for whale hunting is that of culture. Individuals all over the world have been eating whale meat for many centuries. Not only do they they take pleasure in hunting, but every single part of the whale is used, whether it be as a food source, or other parts such as the bones which have many other uses. They believe that the whales are a part of their culture. But for some people, they want to whale due to the fact that the meat of whales is very profitable when sold to other countries.

On the professional aspect, some people whale for scientific research. A few whales are collected or are tagged to be used for scientific research. Accordingly, any person can tell everything about a whale or an animal by just watching it or observing it. People who own pets can tell the behaviors or reactions of the animal under their care. They have acquired the ability to watch their pets and take good care of them.

For scientific research is another reason as to why people whale hunt. Scientists could not understand or study whales if they did not have any “samples” to experiment with. But it needs to be said that whales or any animals being experimented on must be taken care of properly. Research scientists have to understand and know the laws regarding the welfare of animals. Hunting whales is expensive to their populations and even to their future existence, so these things must be taken into consideration before hunting whales for scientific purposes.

Some people hunt whales simply because they want to satisfy their hunting desires. Some feel a kind of authority or power when they are able to hunt animals, especially rare whales. They often keep a part of the animal as a souvenir or trophy. They have enough money to hunt whale as hunting whale is expensive. But, if this is the reason why people hunt whales, then it must be dealt with by the proper authority, so the lives of these rare ocean creatures will not be at stake.

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