Why Do People Wink?

Did you ever wonder why do people wink at themselves in the mirror? Honestly, people from all walks of life and from all ages wink at themselves in the mirror to boost their self-confidence and self esteem. They say “I think I look damn good today” and then give themselves a wink. People have always been aware of their feelings, actions and thoughts. They have performed some kind of self development.

Government offices and other non government organization have seminars on how to improve yourself and boost self confidence. At these seminars a part of the lecture would talk about how to give you a confidence boost, and one of the ways to help you build your self confidence is to wink at yourself every now and then. You will notice a big difference in your perspective if you do this regularly, and really feel it when you do it. It is kind of a pep talk to yourself, letting your “higher self” know that you are great and that you are looking good.

It must be understood that high confidence and self esteem must be something that’s invested in. You can never say that you have high confidence if you are not going to fan that confidence once in a while. If you do this then it can make you happy, and knowing that it is up you to create the changes in your life will help you reach towards your goals and dreams.

Building high self esteem is one of the main reasons why people wink at themselves in the mirror. Winking at yourself in front of the mirror will give you the chance to ask yourself some important questions. You have the time to ask why you are there, are you fulfilled, and are you doing things in your life on a daily basis that you enjoy. When you do this, you will be going a considerable way to make your life better and more productive, not only for yourself but also for the people around you. You will become proud of the things that you have accomplished, and the things that you’ll accomplish in the future.

No matter what, all people deserve to be happy. The world will make that possible for you as long as you believe you can do it, and have faith in yourself. Bear in mind that if other people can do it, so can you. Thus, building high self esteem must be one of the main reasons why people wink at themselves in the mirror.

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